Programs are in chronological order from most recent. Click an  image and activate its link in order to view the video. Scroll below the gallery for a more detailed description of each program. A big thank you to LWV member, Marco Dees, for his technical and production work on these videos!

IN Vote By Mail -- Barbara Tully
Author -- Shannon Hudson
Forest Farming -- Raoul Moore
Redistricting -- Julia Vaughn
Voting in 2020 -- Karyn Douglas
My Second Home -- Wabash Men
COVID-19 -- Dr. Scott Douglas
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Voting by Mail Gains National Popularity

A Discussion with Indiana Vote by Mail President, Barbara Tully

From October, 2020: A discussion of the pros and pros of voting by mail in America and, specifically, Indiana. Barbara Tully shares insights from her years of experience advocating, her first hand experiences traveling to other states where voting by mail is standard practice, and answers questions from a bipartisan panel on a host of hot topics. She dispels myths and misconceptions with vetted studies and scholarly reports in this compelling argument for the public trust.  Join us for an engaging and topical presentation regarding voting by mail!

IN Vote By Mail -- Barbara Tully

Dr. Mary Holloway Wilhite's Life, Times, and Legacy

A Discussion with book author Shannon Sullivan Hudson

From September, 2020: In honor of a pioneering Montgomery County Indiana physician, author Shannon Sullivan Hudson discusses her new book, Dr. Mary Holloway Wilhite. Shannon and fellow author, Stephanie Cain, explore some of the defining moments in the life and times of Dr. Wilhite and add context to her complex and inspiring story. Purchase the book here and check out the discussion via the link below:

Discussion With The Author

Indiana Forest Farming: A Presentation by Raoul Moore

From August, 2020: Raoul Moore, President of the Indiana Forestry & Woodland  Owners Association provides information about the history of Indiana Forests and the challenges of growing trees in our region.  Discussant is Ed Fain, President of the Friends of Sugar Creek.

Indiana Forest Farming

Getting Ready for Redistricting: A Conversation with Julia Vaughn

From July. 2020: Julia Vaughn, Policy Director for Common Cause Indiana, speaks on both the history of redistricting and its future, particularly with respect to the upcoming census. She then fields questions from a panel assembled by our local LWV. Watch it on our YouTube channel by clicking this link:

Getting Ready for Redistricting

Voting in 2020: A Conversation with Karyn Douglas

From June, 2020: Karyn Douglas, Montgomery County Clerk of the Circuit Court, fields questions from a panel of individuals about voting in the primary and beyond given our "new normal" pandemic circumstances. Watch it on our YouTube channel by clicking this link:

Voting in 2020

Crawfordsville: My Second Home

Three Wabash College students of color discuss their experiences living in Crawfordsville for the four years of their Wabash career. 

From May, 2020: Clyde Morgan, Assistant Director of the Wabash College Malcolm X Institute, moderates this discussion. Watch it on our YouTube channel by clicking this link:

Crawfordsville: My Second Home

Distancing Together

An interview with Dr. Scott Douglas, Montgomery County Health Sanitarian.

From April, 2020: LWV member, Marco Dees, interviews Dr. Douglas about the COVID-19 pandemic with emphasis on Montgomery County. Watch the interview on the LWV YouTube channel here:

Distancing Together


Also, please see the related Journal Review article in which Dr. Douglas and Health Department Head, Amber Reed are interviewed by Marco Dees. Find the article here:


We're doing well because we're distancing