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Getting Ready for Redistricting: A Conversation with Julia Vaughn

From July. 2020: Julia Vaughn, Policy Director for Common Cause Indiana, speaks on both the history of redistricting and its future, particularly with respect to the upcoming census. She then fields questions from a panel assembled by our local LWV. Watch it on our YouTube channel by clicking this link:

Getting Ready for Redistricting

Voting in 2020: A Conversation with Karyn Douglas

From June, 2020: Karyn Douglas, Montgomery County Clerk of the Circuit Court, fields questions from a panel of individuals about voting in the primary and beyond given our "new normal" pandemic circumstances. Watch it on our YouTube channel by clicking this link:

Voting in 2020

Crawfordsville: My Second Home

Three Wabash College students of color discuss their experiences living in Crawfordsville for the four years of their Wabash career. 

From May, 2020: Clyde Morgan, Assistant Director of the Wabash College Malcolm X Institute, moderates this discussion. Brought to you with technical assistance of LWV member, Marco Dees. Watch it on our YouTube channel by clicking this link:

Crawfordsville: My Second Home
















Distancing Together

An interview with Dr. Scott Douglas, Montgomery County Health Sanitarian.

From April, 2020: LWV member, Marco Dees, interviews Dr. Douglas about the COVID-19 pandemic with emphasis on Montgomery County. Watch the interview on the LWV YouTube channel here:

Distancing Together

















Also, please see the related Journal Review article in which Dr. Douglas and Health Department Head, Amber Reed are interviewed by Marco Dees. Find the article here:


We're doing well because we're distancing