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Don't forget to respond to the U.S Census!

COVID-19 has prompted some revisions to the original timeline. With everything going on, please don't forget to attend to this extremely important part of our democratic process.

The deadline to respond has been extended to mid-August, 2020.

Click here for updated census information.

Virtual Lunch with the League:

Crawfordsville: My Second Home

Three Wabash College students of color discuss their experiences living in Crawfordsville for the four years of their Wabash career. 

Clyde Morgan, Assistant Director of the Wabash College Malcolm X Institute, moderates this discussion. Brought to you with technical assistance of LWV member, Marco Dees. Watch it on our YouTube channel by clicking this link:

Crawfordsville: My Second Home
















Virtual Lunch with the League:

Distancing Together

Please check out this very timely interview with Dr. Scott Douglas, Montgomery County Health Sanitarian.


The LWV's own Marco Dees interviews  Dr. Douglas about the COVID-19 virus with emphasis on Montgomery County. Watch the interview on the LWV YouTube channel here:

Distancing Together on YouTube

















Also, please see the related Journal Review article in which Dr. Douglas and Health Department Head, Amber Reed are interviewed by Marco Dees. Find the article here:


We're doing well because we're distancing

Indiana Primary Postponed due to COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus the Tuesday, May 5th Primary election has been postponed until Tuesday, June 2.

VOTE 411 - Please check out this great voter engagement tool!

Your LWV of Montgomery County, Indiana has been hard at work getting pertinent local and regional candidate information up on this useful website.

Click here to go to

We the People, Me the Person

Through 2020

Carnegie Museum

222 S Washington St, Crawfordsville, IN 47933


Visit the Carnegie Museum for this engaging exhibit! With the upcoming elections and the 100th Anniversary celebration of the 19th Amendment, all Montgomery County citizens will be reminded that government of the people, by the people, and for the people cannot function without active involvement of the people. This exhibit is funded in part through a grant from the Montgomery County Community Foundation awarded to the League of Women Voters of Montgomery County in partnership with the Carnegie Museum and Wabash College.

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